Begin a life long friendship today!

ASSE International Student Exchange Program
ASSE International Student Exchange Program
Begin your life long friendship today!

Hi my name is Teresa, I am the ASSE Area Coordinator in Michigan. I have been hosting for 4 years now it has left an impact on my family, we have learn about other cultures and they learned about ours. Having an exchange student in the home is much like having an adopted teenage son or daughter from overseas. Each student that we have hosted, has become very close to us and became a part of our family.

Here are a few students that are available and would love to become a part of your family.

David is 15 years old and loves to participate in sports. He loves to play soccer because there is a great team spirit between the players and the coaches in his club. His team has matches almost every weekend. David also likes skiing, biking and playing the drums. 

Arham is 15 years old and he is so excited to serve as an Ambassador from his country and wants to share his culture with Americans. He is eager to make many new friends with Americans and he says, "Going to the United States is my childhood dream." He has studied English for 11 years now. He loves sports, in particular soccer because "it teaches us manners, team work, unity, discipline and physically and mentally it keeps us fit and healthy." 

If you would like more information on David (CB050MM) or Arham (YE003EE). For more info please contact Teresa at teresa@asse.com or  call 616-560-1893.

ASSE was established in 1976 as the American Scandinavian Student Exchange by the Swedish Government to organize student exchange programs between Sweden and the United States. Soon Denmark, Norway and Finland elected to participate. Since then, the program has grown to include:
Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, New Zealand, Argentina, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey,
Thailand, China, Mongolia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia/Montenegro, France, Holland, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Rep., South Africa, Poland, Lithuania, Astonia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canada.

You can also check out www.host.asse.com to see more student and host family videos, read student profiles and apply for our program


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