Condo problems?

Adam Lesner
Adam Lesner
If the condo you're looking to buy is not compliant with FHA or conventional standards, you may still have a chance. 

Non-Warrantable condo financing is not something that you'll find with major banks or mega lenders. You typically need to find a local lender who offers portfolio loans. 

When getting a portfolio loan you'll have an opportunity to be looked at by your lender as a human being with a real life situation. It's not a check-in-the-box, black and white approval. Your scenario is looked at from a common sense approach. You don't have to necessarily fall into the strict guidelines the government has created. 

In this edition of Yup, you're approved, we talk about how a portfolio loan can be a helpful tool when looking to buy a non-warrantable condo

Video: Yup you're Approved! Condo edition


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