National Wireless Smart Meter Opt-out No-Fees Protest petition

This National Smart Meter Petition needs 100,000 signatures by August 18th, 2013 in order to get response from the Obama Administration.


For those who are, or know someone who is, affected by wireless technology, including cell phones, wi-fi, smart meters, or if for no other reason than supporting the position that people deserve to have a choice - will  you sign this National wireless smart meter protest petition. (Currently, Detroit Edison charges $67.20 to opt out and analog meters are not an option. Consumers Energy charges over $100 but you get to keep the analog. Electric companies around the country are imposing varying fees for people who cannot have one on their residence. Some people are sensitive to 24/hour wireless, and the wireless cannot be turned off.)


The petition is requesting the Obama Administration to:

1) Allow individuals to opt-out of smart meters without (financial) penalty; and

2) allow them keep their analog meters.

3) As well, to request his administration investigate Radiofrequency health effects of 24/hr wireless smart meters.


Even if this sounds like an oxymoron to ask the administration who funded the program, at least they will – if we get enough signatures – become aware of the number of people who object to the program, and have to respond to our concerns.


Feel free to share with anyone you wish. This National Smart Meter Petition needs 100,000 signatures by August 18th in order to get a response from President Obama. (currently have 18)


Please email this to anyone you know who is interested. It only takes a few minutes to sign, and initials are posted only, not names. The petition is from the “We the People” group of petitions on whitehouse.gov, and requires only a quick email verification in order to sign.


This is the link. It seems short, but I am told it is the link needed because the petition will not be visible to the public until it has at least 150 e-signatures:  http://wh.gov/lCYzr

The petition says:

we petition the obama administration to:

Allow public to opt-out of smart meters without penalty & keep their analog meters. To investigate RF health effects.


New decisions are made daily, mainly by public utility commissions, which reduce the voice of opponents to silence, with few exceptions.Those who insist on opting out are responded to as if they are an undesirable faction of the public, who object to technology.


Serious concern is mounting about turning households into wi-fi transmitting hot spots. Private data collection, health considerations, increased electricity and gas rates based on smart meter data collected - are the major objections. The public should not have to foot the bill, have their rights decreased, privacy and health compromised, have to fight companies just to remain safe, and then face rising rates.


If you have questions on the smart grid, here is a resource to read: http://gettingsmarteraboutthesmartgrid.org/pdf/SmartGrid_Report_PDF-2012-11-26-Final.pdf


Sign the petition here: http://wh.gov/lCYzr


Thank You!


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