Reverse Racism

My son goes to Discovery Middle School.  He’s an honor student who maintains mostly A’s with a few B’s scattered here and there.  He’s at that awkward age right now where he’s ending 8th grade and preparing himself as a young adult to enter into his last summer before High School. 


His mother and I were never together but have maintained a great relationship over the past 14 years, both with the mindset of being the exception to separated parents.  We’re in constant communication with each other, plan our discussions with our child together and agree on a plan before we approach him on various subjects, complement each other on our different parenting styles, and most of all, respect each other.  We reap the rewards of our efforts every day as we watch our son mature into a respectful young adult.


Recently, he was attacked at school by three girls.  They called him ‘fat’ (he’s far from it), use obscenities, kicked him, punched him, which ultimately resulted in a black eye that we had to explain to friends and family over the past weekend. 


The incident occurred during track practice where the three girls were ‘cheating’ by not following the rules of a game which involved playing tag.  My son called them out on cheating and ‘tagged’ them.  To summarize the story – One girl claimed he pushed another girl’s sister.  The older sister confronted my son and began pushing him.  The younger sister wasn’t aware of what the friend said and went to back up her sister and started pushing my son as well.  The instigator joined the two sisters in the pushing and poking, which resulted in punches to his face.  He was not mauled by them, but received a few blows and, like I said, ended up with a black eye from the incident.  He was eventually able to walk away from the situation without retaliation.  During the altercation, he cussed at the girls.


He was suspended.


When the incident was over and my son approached the track coach, he began to investigate and found that the girl who was supposedly pushed indicated that he had not pushed her at all.  In other words, one girl choreographed the whole thing and then participated in attacking him.  My son was suspended for a day and is now not allowed to attend the 8th grade picnic because he was ‘suspended in the last ¼’.  The three girls were suspended for 3 days and are also unable to attend the picnic.


After reviewing the handbook, I’ve identified that my son is a victim of bullying in all three forms.  Verbal – They called him names and harassed him, Physical – They punched him, and Psychological – He’s now known for being beat up by a girl.  This is just piling on top of all the other awkwardness that comes with growing into a young adult.


So why is the victim being punished?  He walked away from the incident as fast as he was able to.  He went right to an adult and told them what happened.  He even admitted to swearing. 


According to the principal of the school, he was suspended for profanity.


I would like to note that he is white and the three girls are black.  If the colors were reversed, it would be a race issue (three white girls beating up a black boy).  If the school hadn’t suspended my son, I’m confident that someone would make this a race issue (three black girls suspended for fighting while a white boy wasn’t for ‘cussing’).  This is reverse racism at play and nobody is willing to address the fact that my son is the victim in this situation and did what he should have – Walked away.  He told me that he would never hit a girl and that they just kept punching him over and over while he was simply trying to defend himself.  He was cussing and yelling while they were doing it in an effort to raise awareness of the teachers to the situation that was occurring. 


When I contacted the school, they played the political game and answered questions with the same monotone voice with the same on-the-fence answers (he violated a school rule and the punishment is the same for all kids), as if they were guided by lawyers on how to avoid such touchy subjects.


I find this a ridiculous example of reverse racism because he is being singled out as to avoid upsetting a minority group of girls.  We were contacted by the police on the subject and his mother refused to press charges as the police indicated it would cost both parents money.  Justice cost money?


These girls need to be made an example.  Boys don’t hit girls, but apparently girls hit boys without fear of retaliation. 

Brad Jensen June 10, 2014 at 11:43 AM
Really? What evidence do you have that race played a role? It sound like everyone involved got suspended (the girls longer than your son), so how do you figure that there was "no fear of retaliation"?
Robert June 10, 2014 at 03:28 PM
Don't play stupid Brad, you know full and well that if the races were reversed this poor boy would be in cuffs. This is flat out racism, not reverse racism. That is not a valid term. These little animals clearly do not know how to act in polite society. And the schools are afraid to deal with what it actually is.
Emily Florence June 10, 2014 at 10:03 PM
This seems to be a common problem in this district. It is happening over at Gallimore, too.
Brad Jensen June 11, 2014 at 09:35 AM
OK, so educate me. How is this racism? I got in fights in school too. My school was all white. What does this have to do with race? Playground fights do not normally end with anyone in cuffs, white or black. The girls were punished. Justice served. Animals? Seriously? I guess you do know all about racism. If the girls were white you wouldn't be calling them animals.
Sarah June 21, 2014 at 02:48 AM
do you know how many times these girls have been suspended or been trouble for these actions against other students? If this is a reoccurring issue their parents have been notified and because they were notified in the past the law see it as parental negligence. If you know your child is bullying a classmate — whether physically, through text messages, social media, verbally or by any other means — you have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to stop it. If you don’t, the law will treat you as part of the cause of the harm your child has inflicted on his victim. As one court put it, parents are responsible when their negligence makes the injury possible. Sue them, I would, at least the bullys parents can pay for your kids college tuition because more then likely these girls will wind up pregnant at 16 and piss their life away.


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