Trott Announces 50 Local Endorsements

Dave Trott, candidate for Congress www.trottforcongress.com
Dave Trott, candidate for Congress www.trottforcongress.com

Local Conservatives and Republicans Unite Behind Trott

COMMERCE, MI -- Oakland County businessman Dave Trott today announced an array of local endorsements of his campaign for Congress, contrasting the Washington insiders who back the opponent.  The Trott campaign released endorsements of state legislators, county commissioners, former Republican Congressional District Chair and County Chair and dozens of grassroots activists.  

“I’m proud to receive the endorsements of so many leaders that share my belief in cutting spending, lowering taxes and promoting the free enterprise system.  The campaign will grow as I continue to talk with voters around the district,” said David Trott.

State Rep. Kurt Heise stated: “Dave Trott is a leader that has a successful record in the private sector and can carry that record to Washington, DC. Dave has a no-nonsense attitude and the real world experience necessary to get the job done. He will be a great Congressman.

State Rep. Hugh Crawford stated: "Dave Trott is a proven job creator.  He will take common sense ideas to Washington and foster an environment where jobs are the number one priority.”

NORC President Greg Fogleman stated: “I believe Dave Trott is best equipped to take our conservative message to Washington. I’ve seen his work ethic and ability to communicate our values firsthand. We need to elect a leader that has a successful record in the private sector.”

Paula Fleming stated: “I know Dave Trott.  I trust him to uphold our shared values and to offer reliable leadership in representing my community in Washington. “

Oakland County Commissioner Kathy Crawford stated: “Dave Trott is a steady, consistent conservative who has built a successful business with the principles of professional accountability and personal responsibility.  These qualities are exactly what are missing in Washington, and Dave’s commitment to change that is unparalleled.

In addition to the 50 names seen below, the Trott campaign indicated additional endorsements would be announced in the coming weeks. 

1. Precinct Delegate Kirit Bakshi

2. Precinct Delegate David Banet

3. Precinct Delegate Anita Berger

4. Former Wayne 11th Chairman Carl Berry

5. Oakland County Commissioner Mike Bosnic

6. Ms. Sue Brams

7. Precinct Delegate Dillon Breen

8. Mr. Louis Brown

9. State Rep. Hugh Crawford

10. Oakland County Commissioner Kathy Crawford

11. Pastor Kent Clark

12. Former Oakland County Republican Party Chairman Dennis Cowan

13. Plymouth Township Trustee Bob Doroshewitz

14. Oakland County Commissioner Bill Dwyer

15. Troy Mayor Pro-Tem Wade Fleming

16. Mrs. Paula Fleming

17. NORC President Greg Fogleman

18. Novi Mayor Bob Gatt

19. Wayne 11th Committee Member George Gostias

20. West Bloomfield Park Commissioner Joe Green

21. Wayne 11th Committee Member Dave Herbeck

22. State Rep. Kurt Heise

23. Wayne 11th Committee Secretary Mark Hutchins

24. 11th District Secretary Carmen Johnson

25. 11th District Executive Committee Nick Kennedy

26. Precinct Delegate Cynthia Khan

27. 11th District Executive Committee Steve Kolhoff

28. Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee Member Ed Lee

29. Precinct Delegate Joyce MacLeish

30. Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee Member Lana Mangiapane

31. Ms. Cecyl Mehlberg

32. 11th District Executive Committee Member Willy Mena

33. Former 11th District Chairman Abe Munfakh

34. Wayne 11th Committee Member Deloris Newell

35. State Senator Bruce Patterson

36. 11th District State Committee Member Rich Poling

37. Oakland County Commissioner David Potts

38. Lakes Area Tea Party Member Tom Pustelak

39. Wayne 11th Committee Vice-Chairman Audrey Robinson

40. Northville Township Trustee Chris Roosen

41. Rattle With Us Member Belinda Smzytke

42. Novi Mayor Pro-Tem David Staudt

43. Former 11th District Chairman Tom Stroup 

44. Oakland County Commissioner Shelley Taub

45. Wayne 11th Committee Member Justin Trefney

46. Waterford Township Supervisor Gary Wall

47. Rochester Hills City Council Vice President Michael Webber

48. Mr. Mathew Wehrle

49. Precinct Delegate Bo Wilinski

50. Former Wayne 11th District Chairman Joe Xuereb

Dave Trott is a conservative Republican running in Michigan's 11th district. For more information, see http://www.TrottforCongress.com.


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