Bunnies Hop in for Visit at Genuine Toy Co.

The Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary brought furry friends to visit the Genuine Toy Co. on Saturday afternoon.

had some furry visitors Saturday afternoon.

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary, located in Willis, takes in domestic rabbits when people are unable to care for them. The sanctuary currently provides a safe home for 75 rabbits and also works to find loving homes for them.

According sanctuary volunteer Debbie Toundaian, many people are looking to adopt rabbits at this time of year. Toundaian brought her own two rabbits, Max and Anna, to the Genuine Toy Co. on Saturday afternoon.

She let children hold the rabbits and told them, and their parents, that caring for a rabbit is a commitment, like having a dog or a cat. Rabbits can live about 10 to 12 years, and they eat hay and fresh greens. They have to be brushed and be allowed run time outside their cages.

"In July and August is when we get in a lot of rabbits," Toundaian said. "That's typically when people get tired of the pet they thought was cute and cuddly."

Elle Dare, owner of Genuine Toy Co., said this is the second year the store has had Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary come visit.

"Years ago, we brought my stepson here, before we had the store, to see the Easter Bunny," Dare said. "And he kind of freaked out. The Easter Bunny is very big and can be scary to kids. So we thought it would be a good idea to have real rabbits to pet and play with.

"And Great Lakes Sanctuary does a great job of educating people about the responsibilites of owning a rabbit," Dare said. "They're not just a cute little Easter gift."

For more information about the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary, visit them online at www.rabbitsanctuary.org or email at info@rabbitsanctuary.org.



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