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Bill Galvin, a Local Voices contributor and Mayor Pro Tem in Farmington, write about plans for the future of Farmington. He writes, "Re-Farmington is the repurposing, redevelopment and redeployment of publically owned property to increase the tax base.  Economists refer to this as sustainability.  It is nothing more than an efficient use of our resources."

Overturned Tractor Trailer Closes M-5 At Grand River

Local Voices contributor Bryce came across in accident in Farmington Hills Thursday night and put together a photo blog of an overturned tractor trailer. Check out his photos from the night and see what he has to say about what happened.

Plymouth Canton Blogger Says Pin The Tail On The Elephant

In his latest post, Tony Lollio writes a political piece about the economy. Lollio writes, "The same President who doubled our nation's debt in his first term, is now blaming Republicans for the impact of the sequester that will take effect at midnight. After eighteen months of inaction since a bipartisan committee, appointed by his administration, designed these automatic cuts; to hear the President take no responsibility is laughable." Read more under the Local Voices section on Patch.

Shamrock Prep defeats Novi Wild Prep 4-2 in GLPHL Playoff Championship

For the latest Novi sports coverage check out Jim Schneider's blog. In his latest, he writes about the big hockey win by the Shamrock Prep Hockey team.

Northville Students find easy way to reduce CO2 emissions

Zoe Que writes about a project students at Northville High School participated in as part of the the school’s AP Environmental Science course. She writes, "Obviously transportation caused the release of excess CO2 into the atmosphere, my group discussed, but how could we minimize it? We found our answer in the hundreds of drivers that drove by themselves to school each day. If we could somehow convince these students to carpool, we could reduce the greenhouse gasses being released in our school parking lot each day." Read more about their project under the Local Voices section on Patch.


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