Volunteers Make Valentines for Seniors

Snail Mail for Seniors, a Canton-based nonprofit, held a card-making session Thursday at the Canton Public Library.

The holidays can become a dull time for seniors in nursing or assisted living homes who often don't get visitors or enough time to spend with family and friends. Volunteers of Snail Mail for Seniors create cards to make their days brighter.

Young and old alike gathered Thursday at the Canton Public Library for a Valentine's Day card-making session. The tables were littered with pink hearts and red card-stock. 

Snail Mail for Seniors provided the supplies and the volunteers went to work.

Kay Micallef, of Canton, said this was at least her fourth or fifth time volunteering. She said she heard about Snail Mail for Seniors at the Liberty Fest a couple of years ago. 

"I usually end up making them by myself," said Maria Jagalla, of Plymouth.

She has been making cards for many years, she said, and decided this time to attend the session.

"You've got to get into a rhythm," she said about making the cards.

Volunteers try to make as many cards as they can, which are not addressed to specific senior citizens. Nursing and retirement homes are concerned with security so they do not release the names of seniors who get cards. There are also no in-person visits.

Cards are sent to 35 senior homes and 20 personal homes, and there are about 800 seniors who get cards each month, said . 

"I think it's a win-win," Donaldson said. 

She said volunteers can do something heart-warming and inexpensive, and seniors feel that someone remembers them.


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