Bites Nearby: Vinnie's Italian Sub Shop in Canton

This 1950's-era deli has style, substance and some great sandwiches.

If the 1950’s black and white police car out front, with the canister-style red light on top of it, isn’t enough to draw customers in to Vinnie’s Italian Sub Shop, then curiosity should be.

The throw-back deli, which is tucked into a row of stores along the north side of Michigan Avenue in Canton, just west of Haggerty Road, is easy to miss. But once discovered, it’s certainly hard to resist checking out. It doesn’t have a come-hither, polished exterior with bold and bright signage boasting its offerings. But what it lacks in aesthetic pizzazz it makes up in sheer uniqueness.

Inside, though, Vinnie’s is awash with personality. Stepping through the door is like walking through a time portal, one that transports its customers back to much simpler times. The theme is hard to mistake: It’s a deli inside a 50’s-style soda shop. Seating is minimal, the menu is modest but the experience is like nothing else that can be found nearby.

Overview: Vinnie’s Italian Sub Shop occupies a small space, with a long deli counter below a huge mounted menu that resembles that of a carnival food stand. Red leather spinning stools line the perimeter of the shop, with a tiled countertop for dining, and a large metal Vernor’s sign hangs on the far wall.

Food: Subs are offered in basically four versions: The Italian sub, the chicken sub, the steak and cheese hoagie and the Italian sausage. Other options are available, though they are relocated to the “more subs” portion of the menu, where fancy names and detailed descriptions are left out. Among these is the ham and Swiss, turkey and Swiss, tuna and vegetarian subs. Vinnie’s does offer numerous salads and sides, including potato salad, chips and dill pickles.

Prices: The three signature subs – the steak and cheese, chicken and Italian Sausage subs – are all $6.25. Italian subs start at $3.95 and go up to $7.45, depending on the size. For example, a sub with six layers of meat and 1 layer of cheese is $4.45, and one with 10 layers of meat with two layers of cheese is $5.95. A turkey and Swiss and the ham and Swiss are both $4.75.

Hours: Monday–Friday from 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Sunday, closed.

Address: 42030 Michigan Ave., Canton, MI

Phone/Web: (734)–710-9950/ www.vinniesitaliansubs.com


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