Bites Nearby: Zoup!

Fresh soups made daily — and more!

Nothing brings out the flavors of fresh ingredients like soups. Just about any combination of crisp vegetables, beans, pastas, tender meats or seafood – seeped in rich broths or creamy bisques and chowders – can emerge from an afternoon simmer as a work of art.

At Zoup!, the experience of soups is taken to a whole new level of artistic and culinary perfection. Every day, the soup café freshly prepares a host of its own specialties. But their soups are no ordinary concoctions: some involve taking a risk and trying something new.

Atmosphere: Zoup! lays out like a dlei/café, with bright orange, maroon and deep yellows throughout. The walls are lined with framed black and white photographs of ladles, and shadow boxes full of spoons and ladles. The counter is at the back of the rectangular shop, with simmering steam wells keeping its day’s preparations hot. Tables run the length of the restaurant, with several booths along one side, and a counter-rail on either side of the front door for single seating.

Food: Every day Zoup! offers 12 soups, as well as a variety sandwiches and salads. Soups come in four sizes: Side (8 oz.), cup (12 oz.), bowl (16 oz.) and XL (32 oz.). Each is served with a fresh roll – sourdough, multi-grain or French. All soups are listed on a large menu on the wall, with indicators of their contents, such as whether a soups is low-fat, spicy, vegan or vegetarian.

Prices: Soups begin at $4-$5 for an 8-oz., $5-$6 for 12 oz., $6-$7 for 16 oz. and $7-$12 for a 32 oz. Sandwiches range from $4.25 for a half to $6 or $7 for a full. Combinations can also be made, with half sandwiches or salads and a soup. Their salads are priced similarly to sandwiches.

Highlights: Zoup! has a rich and creamy lobster bisque, chicken and dumplings, tomato basil (cold), and a chilled gazpacho, among their daily soup creations. Sandwiches include the southwest turkey, chicken Toscana and tuna salad. Among their salads are the Sonoma (romaine lettuce, spring mix, gorganzola cheese, and dried cherries), chicken Caesar and the Asian (romaine lettuce, chow mein and Asian noodles, almonds, chicken, scallions and sesame seeds).

Locations: Plymouth, 15171 Sheldon Rd. Northville, 20065 Haggerty Rd.

Hours: , Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. , Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Phone: Plymouth, (734) 259-0000; Northville, (248) 374-1000.

Web: www.zoup.com (online ordering and catering available).


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