It's 'Wicked Awesome': Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men Expands to Over 40 Locations

The Michigan company creates the ultimate 'haircut experience' for men, now in eight different states.

Wake up. Shower. Eat breakfast. Drive to work. Work all day. Attend a meeting. Eat lunch. Drive home from work. Cook dinner. Take time out for family. Catch up on the computer. Go to sleep. Wake up and do it all over again.

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes... and with all that hustle and bustle, how is a man supposed to find any time for himself to relax?

Enter Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men.

This Troy-based company is run by two guys who know what it's like to be constantly on the go. That's why at Lady Jane's, you won't find empty white walls, drab curtains and muffled music coming over the speakers.

No, here, men will spend 30-40 minutes relaxing in a sports-like atmosphere, sprawled out in a La-Z-Boy Recliner, catching the latest Detroit Lions or Tigers game on one of the many nearby flat screen televisions, while being pampered by a highly-trained stylist.

"The main key is that we are giving a haircut experience to a man," said Lady Jane's President Tim McCollum. "It's a cool and fun vibe."

The "experience" McCollum speaks of not only includes a professional haircut but also a 10-minute invigorating scalp massage, an old-fashioned hot lather neck shave and a hot towel treatment.

"It's the concept of taking something that is a simple everyday service and doing it better than everybody else," he adds.

This business motto certainly has caught on as Lady Jane's has blossomed from a single building in Troy to 41 locations across seven states as far spread as North Carolina, and with a location in Plymouth Township. Lady Jane’s currently employs over 2,000 workers.

Not bad for a company that was founded just six years ago by Boston native Chad Johnson. And in case you're wondering, it is in fact Johnson who coined Lady Jane's famous catchphrase "wicked awesome".

Adding to its resume, Lady Jane's is the official haircutter of the Detroit Lions. If you've ever attended a game, you might notice a special half-time promotion where all of the men at Ford Field have a chance to win a free trim.

"What reaches men most successfully is sports," said McCollum. "Guys like sports and it's something that we're passionate about... what better way to give a guy a great atmosphere?"

Another thing Lady Jane's has a passion for is giving back to charity. Each year, the company picks a non-profit organization to work with such as Toys for Tots and the Children's Miracle Network. The company has also donated over $10,000 to Metro Detroit families in need.

Next on the plate for Lady Jane's is a major charity partnership to be announced later this year with a special kickoff event.

"I want to give people the best product possible," said Johnson of his company. "And that means more states, more employees and more job opportunities."

While it continues to expand, it's safe to say that for now Lady Jane's doesn't come close to disappointing its loyal customer base.

"Every day, we want to get better at what we already do,” McCollum said.


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