Make Your St. Paddy's Day Meal Healthier

Busch's chef Rebecca Wauldron shares some tips for making your Irish holiday dishes a bit leaner.

Chef Rebecca Wauldron shares some tips about how to make your St. Patrick's Day meal a little healthier by making a few substitutes and additions:

  1. Add a little green to the plate. The traditional corned beef and cabbage meal can be very heavy. Adding a fresh vegetable like peas will increase your fiber intake and fill you up faster. It also adds festive color to the plate.
  2. Instead of corned beef, opt for salmon. Baked or smoked salmon can go a long way in making your Irish-themed meal a little leaner. Chef Wauldron recommends serving the salmon on whole wheat soda bread instead of a white flour bread.
  3. Make an Irish reuben with turkey instead of corned beef. Using rye bread, build your sandwich with turkey rather than corned beef. The recipe also calls for sauerkraut, horseradish and Irish cheddar.

A full list of Busch's recipes for these and other items are on the store website at buschs.com/recipes/.


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