So Hot, It’s Cool: Espresso Elevado Whips Up the Perfect Drinks for Summer

With fair trade products, beans roasted in-house, and a unique menu of drinks…what’s not to like?

It’s hot out. Really hot. And you’re thirsty.
Why not have coffee?
Yes, you read correctly. Coffee. It’s not just for the colder months, you know. In fact, at Plymouth’s the bean has received a makeover. (Yes, if you’d prefer a regular ‘ol piping-hot cup of Joe, you’ll find it there, too.)
But for those who wish to take it up a notch in taste -- and down a notch in temperature -- your taste buds are in for quite a treat.
If you haven’t visited Espresso Elevado in downtown Plymouth, read on for reasons why you should.

Plymouth Patch: I love the name Espresso Elevado. How did you come up with it?

Teresa Pilarz: Thank you! I’ll quote our coffee label: “Our name means “elevated” in Spanish, referring to the higher elevations where specialty grade Arabica coffee grows and also our mission to craft and share coffee in a way that elevates the quality of the beverage as well as people's ability to appreciate it.”

Plymouth Patch: Nice! How did you choose Plymouth to be the home of your business? Are you a Plymouth resident?

Teresa Pilarz: I grew up here and went to Plymouth-Canton Schools... graduated from Salem High School. Plymouth was my first choice when locating my business because it’s already a vibrant, small town with a good culinary vibe. In a town like Plymouth you can get fresh-baked bread at Boule, hormone-free meats at Avenue Market, house-made wine and wood-fired pizza at Cellar 849, and hand-crafted sandwiches at Simple Sandwich, among other options. An artisan coffee roaster fits perfectly in the mix. I’d like to see Plymouth become even more of a culinary destination like Traverse City.

Plymouth Patch: I agree; that would be great…I’ve heard that your coffee beans are fair trade. Explain the fair trade process and why you’ve made the decision to offer fair trade products.

Teresa Pilarz: All of our beans are organic and many are also fair trade. The idea behind fair trade is that by paying a premium, growers receive a more equitable price and may thereby have a better quality of life through the social and environmental projects that are supported. It’s not a perfect system, nor is it the only answer, but it is one way we contribute to sustainability, which is one of our values at Espresso Elevado.

Plymouth Patch: Aside from choosing to support fair trade, what do you feel sets Espresso Elevado apart from its competitors?

Teresa Pilarz: We roast our own beans in small batches on-site, we specialize in organic coffees & pastries, and all coffees are fresh ground and brewed to order. We don’t intend to follow the pack but rather focus on our unique mission, vision and values, part of which is to serve an artistic beverage elegantly prepared.

Plymouth Patch: Coffee addicts aside, espresso is not exactly the drink that people think of consuming during the dog days of summer. Have you concocted any new drinks especially for the warmer months?

Teresa Pilarz: We have cold brew iced coffee which is brewed overnight with cold water. It’s concentrated, naturally low acid, smooth, and delicious. Most of our espresso-based drinks can also be made on ice. Our Chocolatte is divine over ice! For non coffee drinkers, we have iced chai tea lattes made from our own recipe, and a cooler case full of natural and organic beverages.

Plymouth Patch: Yum! I’ve heard about your coconut lemongrass latte, which sounds positively amazing! Can that be served cold as well?

Teresa Pilarz: You bet!

Espresso Elevado

606 S Main St
Plymouth, MI 48170


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