Pamper Your Pet At Bark'ers Pet Salon

I don't know about your dog, but mine hates to get his nails clipped. He has had them clipped at the Vet, he has had them clipped at PetCo, you name it, he hates getting them done.

While driving through downtown Plymouth one day, I saw a pet grooming shop called Bark'ers Pet Salon. They advertised $5.00 nail clipping. That being a fantastic price, I said what the heck, I'll give em a try.

So me and my dog Deucey rolled into Bark'ers one day, and we met Stacy. Stacy and The Deuce became friends. Or at least as friendly as my dog will get with somebody about to give him the dreaded pedicure.

These days, Deucey actually has no problems going in to get his nails trimmed, and actually walks in on his own, without having to be prodded across the parking lot, and fighting me each step of the way. Bottom line is that Stacy does a great job with your pets, and she does it at a reasonable price.

Stacy is one of Plymouth's local entrepreneurs. She was a groomer at Bark'ers long before she owned it. Bark'ers has been in Plymouth since 1995, and when the previous owner retired in 2007, Stacy decided to become the owner. I asked her why she chose to become a groomer, and she said, “Well that''s easy, I love animals.” It certainly shows in the way she treats them, and in the way that they trust her.

I have always believed that animals in general, and dogs in particular, are great judges of character. If my dog doesn't trust somebody, it is probably wise for me not to trust them as well. That being said, my dog Deucey gives Stacy, and all of her groomers at Bark'ers his personal seal of approval.

Bark'ers offers full grooming for all size Cats and Dogs, and that includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and hair cut/brush out. They also offer special shampoos for pets with alergies of skin conditions, teeth brushing ($5.00), De-Shedding treatment ($10.00), and they will even polish your dog's nails, if your pooch has a hot Valentines date!

Bark'ers is located at 633 S. Main. This is on the East side of Main, just south of Wing Street.  Phone #  734-254-9703

Bark'ers online:  http://barkerspetsalon.tk/

Stop in and see Stacy, and tell her that Deucey sent you...


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