13 Ways to Use Plymouth-Canton Patch in 2013

As 2013 begins, here are some ways to use Patch in 2013.

New Year's Eve was a time to reminisce on the ups and downs of 2012, which we did. But the clock has long since struck midnight; 2012 is upon us.

Patch is beginning its third year in Plymouth and Canton. This year, you'll see and hear more as we work to make this community-oriented site ever more engaging and interactive.

The opportunities to comment on stories, share opinions, post photos and announcements and add events to the community calendar continues. Here are 13 ways you can use Canton Patch in 2013:

1. Comment on an Article, or Review a Business

Providing accurate, timely news about the community is our No. 1 priority, but without your input, that news may as well be nonexistent. We believe news is a conversation. Much of our reporting comes from what readers tell us in emails, comments on our sites and in conversations around town. Share your thoughts and reactions to our articles by posting a comment directly below each story. Don't be shy about sharing your thoughts – we want to hear them!

2. Review a business

Love a restaurant? Hate a local retailer's service? You can review businesses listed in our directory, too.

3. Send a News Tip

See something happening in our community? At the bottom of the homepage, under "Contribute," there's a link that says, "Send us news tips." Tell us about stories we should cover. Your tip will be sent straight to Plymouth-Canton Patch editor John McKay. Or better yet:

4. Start a blog

Build a blog section and they will come. Talking fashion, law, cooking, politics and even online dating, bloggers in our Local Voices section offer experience, opinion and expertise on a variety of topics. But there's always room for more in this conversation. Once you get started as a Patch blogger, you can post as little or as much as you want. Check here to get started!

5. Post an Event

Do you know of a playoff game at Compuware Arena, a school concert at Plymouth-Canton Educational Park or a garage sale in the neighborhood? Is there an open house or graduation ceremony coming up? If it's not on our Patch calendar, it should be. Feel free to add events to our site at plymouth-mi.patch.com/events/new.

6. Post an Announcement

Post births, engagements and wedding announcements. Tell us who made the honor roll or share school awards, social notes and thank you shout outs. If you're looking for volunteers or searching for your lost dog, we welcome you to call on your community for help. Just remember, our Terms of Use say announcements should be for personal use -- not advertising. Check here to post an announcement.

7. Sign Up for Newsletters

The daily Plymouth-Canton Patch newsletter brings you the five latest articles, the most recent announcements and opinions posted in the last 24 hours and a listing of that day's upcoming events. It is delivered to your email every day. You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter and breaking news alerts. To sign up, check here.

8. Claim Your Directory Listing

Our business and organization listings aren't skimpy. Our team of researchers scoured the streets when our site launched in 2010, and ever since then we've been checking that our information on local businesses, schools, parks, libraries and more are detailed and up-to-date. To contact us about the listing for your business or organization, email us at directorysupport@patch.com. If you own or manage a business or organization in our directory, claim it at plymouth-mi.patch.com/listings

9. Prepare for your daily commute

Here at Plymouth-Canton Patch, we've made planning your commute easy. On our "Commute" page, we have the latest local gas prices and current traffic patterns.

10. Upload Your Photos and Video

Upload videos of your son's wedding or your Little Leaguer's first home run. Post photos from Liberty Fest, or send in a snapshot of your best holiday recipes. We invite you to share the memories that you've caught on camera with the rest of the community. To do this, upload the photo or video directly to our Neighborhood Gallery.

11. Advertise With Us

For all advertising queries, please email ad manager Susanne Spruit at susanne.spruit@patch.com.

12. Facebook, Twitter and Apps

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for even more Patch news. Immerse yourself in our content and actively contribute and engage via social media. Our apps for iPhone and Android allow you to take Patch with you wherever you go.

13. Send a Letter to the Editor

Patch would like to extend an invitation to every Plymouth and Canton resident to submit a letter to the editor. Express your thoughts or concerns about anything that might be stirring up conversation around town, and we'll post it. Email it to Plymouth-Canton Patch editor John McKay at john.mckay@patch.com.

The more Plymouth-Canton Patch serves as on online space for community dialogue, the more useful our site will be. So, we hope these 13 tips help make our site the place to learn and hold conversations about Plymouth and Canton in 2013 and beyond!


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