A Look Back at Plymouth's Role in 'Scream 4'

As 'Scream 4' opens at Penn this week, we look back at its production and other movies filmed here.

With Scream 4 , we're running down some facts about the film's production and local landmarks to look out for when you watch the film. 

Five things you should know about Scream 4's production

  • According to imdb.comScream 4's budget was estimated at about $40 million. It has grossed about $95.5 million in revenue.
  • Filming began June 28, 2010, and wrapped Sept. 24, 2010, according to the movie's Wikipedia page
  •  In addition to filming in Plymouth, production also took place in Northville, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Livonia and Dearborn, according to imdb.com.
  • Throughout the production of Scream 4, actor David Arquette frequently posted updates to his Twitter account 
  • Scream 4 opened April 15 to wide release and grossed $18.69 million over the weekend, making it the No. 2 film in the country that weekend, behind Rio, an animated comedy that, coincidentally, opened at the Penn last week.  

Five local landmarks to look for when you see Scream 4

  • . Actresses Courteney Cox-Arquette and Alison Brie filmed a scene on Ann Arbor Trail in front of the bar. An open area near the restaurant had a set constructed to represent the Woodsboro Police Department, named after the fictional town where a series of grisly murders by a masked man and/or woman repeatedly occur over 15 years. People who were near the set in downtown Plymouth posted photos online, some of which can be seen here.
  • If you see the photo gallery with the Box Bar & Grill, you'll also see the fountain at . It is unclear if this scene made the cut.
  • The Plymouth Gathering pavilion. Photos have been posted online that show the Plymouth Gathering sign atop the pavilion being replaced with text that reads "Woodsboro Gathering" in an identical font and color. It isn't clear if this scene appears in the final cut.
  • Scream 4 also filmed a scene at bookstore in Northville — before it was even opened. The Detroit Free Press spotlighted the business' surprise about being included in the film.
  • Downtown Northville also served as Woodsboro's fictional town square. You can check some photos of the production in Northville here.

Five more movies that have filmed in Plymouth

  • Trust, which . Starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener. Released in 2010. Had scenes filmed along Wing Street in downtown Plymouth.
  • Cedar Rapids, a 2011 comedy starring Ed Helms (The Hangover and TV's The Office) and John C. Reilly (Magnolia, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby) was partially filmed at the .
  • Demoted, a 2009 comedy starring Sean Astin (Rudy, the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and David Cross (TV's Arrested Development).
  • Mr. Jingles, a 2006 straight-to-DVD horror film about a killer clown, filmed in Plymouth, Westland, Livonia and Canton.
  • Northville Cemetery Massacre, a 1976 grindhouse horror movie, filmed in Plymouth, Northville and Detroit. 
Cam Miller July 09, 2011 at 03:47 PM
You forgot about the movie "word of honor" filmed in Plymouth in the 70s. They even had a fake fall fest in it.
John McKay (Editor) July 10, 2011 at 02:37 AM
Thanks for letting me know about that! I was not aware of that film, and was just going off imdb.com's listings under Plymouth (of which there were several smaller films, too). That list was by no means intended to be a complete list, but some of the more well-known. But I will be sure to check out Word of Honor. Based on the synopsis and what I do for a living, it sounds like something I would enjoy. I'm a geek for good journalism movies. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083340/ for those who also weren't aware of the film. Turns out it was released in 1981 -- one year before I was born!


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