Five Things You Need to Know June 20, 2011

A safety message, Olga's opening, a new ice cream option and best gas prices.

1. It's National Lightning Safety Awareness Week though June 25. On April 26, nine people, a mix of adults and children were injured when lightning struck a Portage, MI, soccer field. Here's the main point the National Weather Service wants to make: If you're close enough to hear thunder, you are close enough to a storm to be struck by lightning. Or, as the weather serve puts it, "When it roars, go indoors."

2. A ribbon-cutting is set for the new Olga's at 41725 Ford Rd. today. The restuarant's opening is tentatively set for Wednesday with a ribbon cutting scheduled for 6 p.m. today.

3. Speaking of food, the timing for a new ice cream shop may be just about perfect for owners of Sweet Treats (no link, yet, readers, but we'll have one soon), 42911 Ford Rd., which opened its doors on May 6. Customers can choose soft-serve dairy treats, Hershey brand traditional scooped ice cream or frozen yogurt — and add all sorts of garnishes. 

4. 's new "Connect Your Summer 2011"  includes more than 100 activities. This week, reader of Kathryn Stockett's The Help, can discuss it at 7 p.m. today; the Wine and Mysteries group chats about Proof by Dick Francis at 7 p.m. Tuesday at , 8515 N. Lilley Rd.; and the seniors' book club is set to deconstruct Sarah Blake's "The Postmistress" at 2 Wednesday.

5. No, your eyes are not playing tricks: You can buy gas in Canton for $3.63 a gallon at , , or .


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