Orionid Meteor Shower 2012 Peaks Oct. 20 and 21

Shooting stars will fill the night sky as pieces of Halley's comet provide a beautiful show during the October 2012 Orionid meteor shower.

Skies are forecasted to be partly cloudy and full of shooting stars as the offspring of Halley's comet provide a gorgeous night sky overnight.

The earth began to pass through debris from Halley's comet, producing the Orionid meteor shower.

Dozens of shooting stars, meteors hitting the atmosphere, are expected to appear per hour, a NASA official told Discovery.com.

The shower is expected to be at its brightest after midnight on Saturday, Oct. 20 until dawn breaks the morning of Sunday, Oct. 21 —  when earth will pass through the most dense portion of the debris.

Skies over Plymouth and Canton are expected to be partly cloudy so you may catch a glimpse of the meteors.


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