Medicare will be affected by the Affordable Care Act!

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According to an article put out by Marsha Mercer, AARP Bulletin, January/February 2014, her article states that “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that Medicare spending would be reduced by $716 BILLIONMedicare Advantage will receive about $156 billion less.“ The article goes on to say “The Medicare Advantage plans are run as businesses, and because the government seeks to reduce the rate of growth
of reimbursements to those plans, companies are making decisions to offset those cuts.”  According to Dr. Gail R. Wilensky, former Medicare Chief, she says “There are only a few ways Medicare Advantage plans can cope with reductions in payments, they can reduce some of the optional benefits such as vision or dental coverage.  They can raise premiums.  And they can also tighten their physician network.”

Let me get to the point here which is, you can’t cut Medicare spending/reimbursements by over $700 BILLION and still believe it will not impact you and your coverage.

Make your decision now “to Return to Original Medicare” while you are still healthy and allowed to make the switch.  Contact State of Michigan Agent, Matt Skiba to schedule a FREE meeting to discuss your options.  The best option, which is still available is the Plan “F” covering 100% after Medicare’s payment.

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Dale Behler February 08, 2014 at 10:31 AM
The Obamacare law was sold to the American people as an improvement in our healthcare system, and the name of the bill incorrectly implies lower cost. I see very little in the way of either affordability or service improvements for the average American. In addition to a ripple affect reduction in employment forecasted by the government's own budget office caused by the law, this article says seniors will be negatively impacted by cuts in Medicare coverage as well as increased premiums. The negatives of Obamacare appear to far exceed any positives, and the only logical solution is to scrap it and start over with a well thought out and workable new bill. This complex and costly law is clearly an inefficient monstrosity which has been forced down the throats of the American people by their government.


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