Fight Belly Fat This Way – Retrain Your Abdomen Daily

Greg Greene, author of Fitness By Greg – You Are A Work In Progress… For The Rest Of Your Life! helps people who are frustrated in their attempts to fight belly fat.

The reason many people who make the effort to rid themselves of the less than attractive “paunch," “beer belly," “pouch," “pooch” or whatever you want to call it, are frustrated with their results is that they are not retraining the abdomen and its variety of muscle fibers every day.   I do not mean that they should do even more crunches on a daily basis.  

That would be counter-productive if abdominal workouts are already a part of a regular routine.

The fight against belly fat is more than just counting calories and doing “crunches”.   Don’t get me wrong, these are fine things to do for your fitness and health, provided they are done the right way.  

But those alone are not going to give you the flat stomach that most folks desire.  

You need to retrain your belly muscles to work for you constantly. Together, with proper exercise and nutrition the retraining of your core movements will bring about the flat appearance.

Over time, we tend to not flex our muscles any more than we absolutely have to. It seems to be part of our culture to make every body movement as effortless as possible. We call that achieving a better quality of life, when actually the opposite is true.

By relaxing your abdominal muscles you put entirely too much stress on your other core muscle fibers, mainly your back muscles, at a time when they could use the help. The reason it’s called the ‘core’ is because these muscles are central to your total body movement mechanics.  

Try reaching for an object that is just outside of your grasp and hold that pose in a snap shot fashion for an instant and you will see what I mean.

You will feel your stomach muscles trying to engage along with your back and arm muscles. This is natural. Do not fight it in an attempt to make your life easier.  

Indeed, accentuate the engagement by flexing your abdominals whenever you move. Make a conscious effort to do this for every movement, causing the flex action to be a part of the movement and a part of your daily regimen.

What this does is slowly retrain the mind-body connection to flex your core muscles as a matter of habit when you move, but you must keep making the conscious effort or you will slip back into the relaxed mode and your belly will begin to protrude once again. You don’t want that.

Train and retrain – it is a constant need when it comes to muscle care.   Do this along with a regular program of muscle stretching, stressing, resting and proper feeding and you will reap great physical rewards.  

Commit to fit, and that will give you your better quality of life… for the rest of your life!

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Lauri Martineau March 19, 2012 at 11:56 AM
Couldn't agree more. I teach Pilates classes and use Pilates equipment for personal training at LOA Fitness in Canton and I am always stressing that the moves must start from the core. I coined the acronym B.A.M., Breathe, Activate Abs, then Move. It makes a huge difference not only in flattening abs but preventing injury as well! :)


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