76 year old Grammy.

I bought a package of your Honey Hot Dog Buns,at Meijers in Westland. There is no expiration date on them. I got them last Saurday, and we haven't used them. Today I ws going to use them and like I said could fine a date code. The tie was green, if that means anything. How long are they ok to use after the date? The number on the buns is 7131400341. I buy alot of your products, I love your English Muffins, My daughter bought me a machine to make Sandwiches , and it uses a English muffin, then meat, then cheese and or Ham or both, then top with the other half of muffin. It is really good. Anyway I just wanted to know about the date. Thank you,Donna Rudd 6396 Sheppard Westland, Michigan 48185


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