Conyers proves again he is a member of governing elite

John Conyers failed to obtain the required 1,000 signatures to put his name on the primary ballot, and did not meet the filing deadline.  No problem, he just shopped for a Democrat appointed judge who ruled that John just made an honest mistake and ignored the law to allow his name to be put on the ballot.  I guess the law only applies to us poor suckers in the general population, not the ruling elite class like Conyers. The people of Detroit deserve better but will no doubt vote him a winner again on primaries based on name recognition alone.  Our laws are apparently negotiable and selective as to their application.
Herb Helzer June 05, 2014 at 04:15 PM
WRONG! His campaign got the signatures -- turning in 2,000 names of REAL voters who had physically signed a petition sheet.* The issue was with some of the volunteers who had taken the petition sheets and spoken to those voters. When it was found that these young people had not yet registered to vote, every signature sheet they had signed off on was declared invalid -- temporarily putting Rep. Conyers below the 1,000 minimum. The Conyers campaign sued, and the old state law requiring that signature GATHERERS had to be registered voters was declared unconstitutional. So his name is back on the ballot in the 13th District primary. It's important to note that Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette both ACCEPTED the judge's ruling, and have not appealed. * This is what makes the Conyers case different than the scandal in 2012 that brought down former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter. McCotter and his people didn't even TRY to collect real signatures, choosing instead to use forgery and photocopies to try and game the process. When he got caught, McCotter initially blustered, but soon had resigned from Congress altogether.
Herb Helzer June 05, 2014 at 04:16 PM
It's important to say this again: Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette both ACCEPTED the judge's ruling, and have not appealed. Which kinda pulls the stuffing out of your strawman.
Dale Behler June 05, 2014 at 05:46 PM
I still say Conyers is too old and senile to do the job. Detroiters deserve adequate representation in Washington, even if it has to be another Democrat (no other party has a chance in Detroit). Conyers runs on his name only, and is a poster child for the need for reasonable term limits in Congress. This is just more of the type of Democrat incompetence and stagnant leadership that has gone on for years in Detroit, and it ended up in the current bankruptcy mess. Now the rest of the citizens of the state, especially in Wayne County, are required to bail them out. Detroit's citizens need fresh new blood to represent them in Washington. I do not buy off on the judge's excuse for allowing him on the ballot.....an "honest mistake" is no excuse for not following the law for the rest of us, only for the select governing elite.


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