Letter to the Editor: County Commission Candidate Thanks Supporters

James Amar, who lost to Shannon Price on Nov. 6, thanks supporters and congratulates opponent in letter to editor.

I want to thank the members of my family, and the volunteers and supporters who participated in the campaign I conducted to become elected Wayne County Commissioner for the Tenth District. 

Although I was unsuccessful in winning the election, I am extremely grateful to the people who stepped up to lend a hand and the confidence they had in me as a candidate. 

In addition, I want to thank the thousands of persons who voted for me and I deeply appreciate the civility and respect I was treated with by so many of the residents of the district who gave me  the time to let me introduce my self when I knocked on doors and informed them I was a candidate for Wayne County Commissioner. 

I offer my sincerest congratulations to Shannon Price, his wife, daughter, other members of his family and to his campaign team for winning the election. His message resonated with the voters and I extend best wishes and much success to Mr. Price when he takes on the challenge of working on the issues he addressed during the campaign. 

Jim Amar
Plymouth Township 


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