Letter to the Editor: Westland Voter Opposes Bentivolio

Westland resident Michael Short resides in old 11th Congressional District.

Hello, I'm Mike Short. I live in the old 11th Congressional District of Michigan. I've posted a video to YouTube which may interest you. 

I'm writing you as a individual opposed to the election of Kerry Bentivolio and I created this video with that thought in mind. 

If elected, Mr. Bentivolio would be my representative for the lame-duck session of the current congress. 

The prospect of having a Tea Party advocate as my representative makes me unhappy. Unhappy enough to oppose Mr. Bentivolio's bid for the next full session of congress as well.

I have friends in the new 11th who should not have to put up with Mr. Bentivolio's politics! 

Thanks for your attention,

Michael E. Short
Westland, MI 


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