Plymouth-Canton Patch to Launch June 28

Plymouth, Canton Patch sites to merge this month as Plymouth-Canton Patch.

We've got exciting news for Patch readers.

Starting June 28, Plymouth Patch and Canton Patch will combine to become Plymouth-Canton Patch.

You can expect the same in-depth coverage of both communities, as we highlight news and events in the City of Plymouth, Plymouth Township and Canton Township.

One thing we've noticed about Plymouth and Canton is that, besides sharing , residents of each town frequent the other. Whether it's for shopping, dining, festivals or sporting events, the communities complement one another.

After hearing feedback from readers and extensively covering both since we launched the Plymouth and Canton Patches in 2010, it became apparent that the two communities would best be served with one site.

As it was before with both sites, the goal for the combined Plymouth-Canton Patch is to make life ridiculously easy for you and your neighbors.

The new site will continue to be a one-stop destination for everything about Plymouth and Canton. This means news content, blogs, events and announcements for the two communities will now be accessible from one site.

Business listings also will all be in one spot, substantially widening your options if you're looking for a place to dine. You will no longer have to search each site separately to find the perfect place.

I'll still be your editor and you'll still see me at important events in both communities. If I miss you, don't hesitate to drop me a line at john.mckay@patch.com or (810) 986-9481.

Julia Grelak June 18, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Great Idea!
ecnalubma June 20, 2012 at 06:19 AM
I cannot disagree with you more. From politics to a "Real Downtown" I have found little in common with Canton and Plymouth. These two communities are more like trying to mix oil & water! Over my 20 or years in Plymouth Township I have found that we share more in common to The Northville's, similar interests, similar small town feel. I'll be visiting the Northville Patch more often now, unless you have plans to merge them with the Novi Patch? Just my 2 cents.
John McKay (Editor) June 20, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Ecnalubma, I have been running both the Plymouth and Canton sites since January, so nothing about our coverage of either town will diminish (in fact, it will increase, as we'll have another person in the field); the coverage will just be in one spot. Plymouth and Canton share a school district. With a district that generates as much news as PCCS, there has been a good amount of overlap of content and any news about the district is already appearing on both sites. On many days with a lot of school news, the two sites were almost mirroring one another. The intention of my statement above was to say that Plymouth and Canton complement each other, not that they are in any way similar. We've found many people in Canton come to Plymouth for the small-town feel, while many Plymouth residents go to Canton for its larger-town amenities. Try to think of it less as oil and water and more as a yin and a yang. :) While Northville certainly is similar to Plymouth, the city and township already have a mix of small-town feel and big-box retail space, so Northville Patch already serves those communities.


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