Tea Party Tax Day Rally Draws 400 to Kellogg Park

Rattle With Us T.E.A. Party members rally over discontent with the federal government.

As the storm clouds passed, and the sun peeked out over Plymouth, intrepid conservatives from all over the state gathered once again in our hometown to voice their discontent for current fiscal policy, and a federal government whom they claim has reached far beyond the limitations placed on it by the Constitution.

The organizers of the Rattle With Us T.E.A. Party (Taxed Enough Already) decided to hold this year's Tax Day Tea Party rally at , where, in 2009, the organization's first event drew almost two thousand people. This year's event drew about 400 brave souls, who risked the early afternoon thunderstorms to hear a lineup of speakers including conservative author James Keena (Insurrection Resurrection & We've Been Had), State Senator Patrick Colbeck, WAAM Radio hosts Matt Clark and Thayrone X, and Dr. Levon Yuille, host of Joshua's Trail, a conservative African American radio show on 1400 AM and 1500 AM.  

Sharon Lollio, co-founder of Rattle With Us, said of the Tea Party: "Just because you don't see us on the side of the road, doesn't mean we're not around anymore."

Since its inception in 2009, Rattle With Us has been involved in more than just political activism.

"We're still behind the scenes, working to slate conservative candidates. We've helped candidates win elections from local school boards to Congress," said Lollio, with a paintbrush in her hand, touching up a homemade stage that sat atop milkcrates. This year, the Tea Party is preparing not only for the presidential election, but also for important spots in the U.S. House and Senate. 

The event focused on wasteful government spending, taxes, healthcare mandates, and upcoming elections. The gathering sported the usual mix of colorful signs, flags, and tricorne hats, and a good time was had by all. As four o'clock rolled around, the event wrapped up, and within a half hour, Kellogg Park was back to it's usual sleepy Sunday afternoon self.

The Rattle With Us organizers and members considered the event a success, thankful to those who came out, in spite of the weather.

Tom Costello, a founding member of the group, put it best: "Our people would have come and sat in the pouring rain." He was right, they probably would have ... but, thankfully, that didn't turn out to be the case.

Disclaimer: This piece was submitted by Tony Lollio, a contributor from the community and a member of Rattle With Us. Any views expressed in this submission do not indicate the opinion of the publication, its editor and/or its staff.


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