Canton Trustee and Former FBI Agent: Hoffa Tip is 'Credible'

Canton Trustee John Anthony—a former FBI agent—says tip by alleged ex-mobster is credible.

Canton Township Trustee John Anthony, a former FBI agent who once worked on the case surrounding the disappearance and presumed murder of former Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa 37 years ago, says a recent tip might provide essential information in finally solving the mystery.

Anthony said information recently revealed by an alleged former mobster with close ties to Hoffa is "credible" in a report Sunday by WDIV-TV.

Anthony J. Zerilli, gave an interview to WDIV-TV, claiming to know where Hoffa's body might be found. Authorities say Zerilli was a high-ranking mafia boss in Metro Detroit, according to a report by MLive. Zerilli, however, denied mob involvement during the WDIV-TV segment.

Zerilli identified a plot of Oakland County land where Hoffa's body might be buried, according to the WDIV-TV report. The specific whereabouts were not provided. 

According to the report, the land where Zerilli said Hoffa's body might be buried is private property.

Anthony's remarks that Zerilli's tip is credible differs from remarks he made in October 2012, when he said he believed the case was solved and that Hoffa's body would never be found.

fruhmenschen January 14, 2013 at 10:58 PM
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