Catholic Central Student's Fundraising Money Reportedly Goes Missing at Plymouth Kroger

Plymouth resident Sergio Troiani said he lost $320 at Kroger Sunday after spending the day selling raffle tickets.

Sergio Troiani, a Plymouth resident and a junior at Catholic Central High School in Novi, is no novice when it comes to selling raffle tickets for his school's annual tuition fundraising drive.

This is his third year participating, so when he finished a shift at Sunday evening and reported that his envelope of money was gone, he was pretty sure he didn't misplace it.

"The envelope was in my pocket the whole time," Troiani said. "Being a Sunday, it was pretty busy and someone could have easily reached inside my pocket and grabbed it without me noticing."

The total amount he said is missing is $320 – $300 in ticket sales and $20 of his own money to make change.

The 16-year-old said he and his mother filed a report with the Plymouth Township Police Department after they realized the money was missing.

Kroger staff said the store contacted its loss prevention department, which was expected to turn over surveillance camera footage to the police sometime Monday.

"The police told me they'd contact me in three to four days to let me know if they found something," Troiani said.

Phone calls made to the Plymouth Township Police Department have not been returned.

Troiani was at in Plymouth Township Monday afternoon and will be there all week from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. selling raffle tickets.

He's participating in the school's annual drive to raise money for students who need help paying the $9,000 per year it costs to attend the school.

Each ticket costs $1 and gets you a chance to win one of five cash prizes ranging from $500 to $20,000.

Troiani said all the students at Catholic Central get involved each year, but that he's more of a persistent salesman than most.

"I've always set up a table at a grocery store, or I'll go door-to-door selling them," Troiani said.

The fundraiser lasts an entire week and the school has half days so the students can have more time to sell tickets.

"It was disappointing to go in today and have nothing to turn in," Troiani said.

He said he hopes that the police can help him recover the money, but that in the meantime he'll keep trying to sell as many tickets as he can. He doesn't personally receive tuition assistance from the school, but he said it's important to him to raise the money.

"I absolutely love CC and I want to be able to share the school with other kids who can't afford the tuition," Troiani said.


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