Online Dating Leads to a Hundred Calls, Harassing Texts for Canton Man

Police said the man had a total of 115 missed calls from the woman.

On Sept. 15, a 25-year-old Canton man reported that a woman he met through an online dating site and had one date with was making harassing phone calls and sending harassing text messages, according to a police report. 

The man told police the 31-year-old Plymouth Township was over his home last night and they had been communicating through text and a phone call that day with no problems. The man said he told her on one call that he could not talk because he was at his parents house," the report said.

The man told police the woman began to repeatedly call and text over suspicion of him seeing someone else. The man said he called it off, and the woman began making comments about him raping her and references bruises that he put there, according to the report. 

The man went to the police and showed them the text conversation and a call log of 115 missed calls from a private number. By the time the man left the police station, there were an addition 10 more calls, the report said. 

Police called the woman and asked her to stop calling. She said she would not call again, then became upset because she thought the officer was taking sides. The woman was asked to give a specific complaint, but said she did not want to talk to a man about the issue. She told police she would think about coming in to talk to a woman, the report said.

The man said he did not wish to prosecute as long as the woman stopped, the report said.

However, he came back into the station shortly after he left with another text message from the woman of a picture of her middle finger being held up. Police took copies of the man's call logs and text messages, the report said.


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