Police Blotter: String of Robberies at CVS, Kmart

Last week, two different CVS stores in Plymouth were robbed, as was the Kmart store on Ann Arbor Road.

On Saturday at 6:45 p.m., Plymouth Township Police were called to the on Sheldon Road at Ann Arbor Road in response to an attempted cigarette theft.

According to the police report, a 21-year-old Livonia man and heroin addict attempted to steal three cartons of Newport cigarettes, but a customer intercepted him in the parking lot and tackled him to the ground. A CVS employee took the man and held him in the store until police arrived and arrested him for retail fraud, the report stated.

According to the report: the clerk who waited on the suspect said he asked her for the cartons of cigarettes and then asked her for a pack of cigars. When the clerk, a 51-year-old woman from Plymouth Township, turned around to get the cigars, the suspect took the cigarette cartons and ran out the door.

The suspect admitted to being a heroin addict after a police officer asked him to empty his pockets and he produced a pair of needles, according to reports. The man was also arrested for possession of narcotic paraphernilia, as was the man's friend, a 21-year-old man from Westland, who was waiting for the shoplifter in his car in the parking lot.

Suspects attempt to steal tools, ink cartridge from Kmart

On Saturday at 12:30 p.m., a 51-year-old man from Detroit attempted to steal three tool sets and a circular saw from the in Plymouth Township.

According to Plymouth Township police records, a Kmart loss prevention officer was walking through the tool department of the store when she saw the man put the items into Kmart shopping bags and walk toward the front of the store.

The employee notified another loss prevention officer, who went to the parking lot to wait for the suspect. When the suspect came outside without paying for the items, the loss prevention officer took him into custody in the store and called the police, records state.

Plymouth Township police arrested him for retail fraud and issued a misdemeanor citation after learning that the man had no prior arrests for shoplifting.

  • Police reports also indicate that on Thursday, a 44-year-old female from Canton attempted to steal an ink cartridge from Kmart. Plymouth Township police were called to the store around 9:30 a.m. and a witness told them that she had seen the woman put the cartridge into her coat pocket and leave the store without paying for it.

The woman was also arrested for retail fraud.

Police chase women attempting to steal goods from CVS

On Jan. 31, police chased two women from the on Ann Arbor Road and Haggerty in Plymouth Township to the intersection of Joy Road and Haggerty after the women left the store with cart full of stolen merchandise, according to police reports.

The Plymouth Township police department received a call from dispatch around 5 p.m. reporting a theft in progress at the store, which is located right next door to the .

A witness told police she saw two women, one older and one younger, leaving the store with a cart full of goods they didn't pay for, including electronics and hair products.

When a police car arrived on the scene, the women were leaving the store in a Chevy Trailblazer, according to the report. The police officer followed the women to the intersection of Haggerty and Joy Road, when they were stopped by heavy traffic at a stoplight.

Both women were arrested and given a misdemeanor citation for retail fraud. One woman is a Canton resident and the other is a Westland resident.


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