Traffic Stop Yields Marijuana Arrest in Canton

The following information was provided by the Canton Township Police Department. Arrests do not indicate convictions.

While patrolling the area of Beck and Central Park Boulevard on Oct. 8, Canton Township Police stopped a 2001 Green Ford traveling southbound on Beck Road with a defective headlight, according to a police report.

While speaking with the driver, police observed the man’s eyes to be constricted and the man’s hands were shaking uncontrollably, the report said. The man refused to consent to a vehicle search, so police requested a K-9 search.

The police dog indicated the presence of narcotics, the report said.

When police searched the passenger, a green, leafy substance that police believed to be marijuana was visible in the man’s mouth, the report said. Police also located flakes of the substance on the floor in the rear of the vehicle, the report said.

The driver was released to his mother without being charged, while police arrested the passenger on charges of marijuana possession.

The flakes collected at the scene tested positive as .02 grams of marijuana, the report said.

For questions about this crime report, email john.mckay@patch.com.

FlyingTooLow October 15, 2012 at 01:07 PM
Am I reading this correctly, ".02 grams"? I smoked my first joint in December, 1967, at the tender age of 21. Now, a mere 44 years later, I still smoke pot. I have never 'graduated' to 'harder' drugs. I am living proof that prohibitionist propaganda is a fallacy...a blatant lie. The worst experience I had with marijuana was spending 5 years in Federal Prison for a pot offense. While I was there, I watched armed bank robbers come and go in as little as 20 months. When I went to the parole board after more than 3 years 'behind the wall,' I pointed this out to the panel members. Their response: "You must understand that yours was a very serious offense." I laughed about that for another 2 years (as I still sat in prison)...then wrote my book: Shoulda Robbed a Bank. I would be honored by your review.
John McKay October 15, 2012 at 02:49 PM
.02 grams is correct - it was just flakes.
New in town October 15, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Boy, do I feel safer now! It's a darn good thing our cops had a scale that measured down to 2 hundredths of a gram! Otherwise these criminals might have continued driving with their "defective headlight". Please, Canton PD, keep up the man hours, resources, and vital necessity of incarcerating based on an infinitesimal amount weed flakes. What, with the traffic stop, the K9 "back-up", and the processing and arrest, this must have taken HOURS to complete! Kudos to you and your priorities!
Steven S October 17, 2012 at 04:16 PM
You've gotta be kidding me. We're paying for all of this police work, and now we're also going to have to pay for the cost of jail, probation, and court fees. Clearly, we have too many police officers in Canton if they have the time and motivation to behave in such a ridiculous manner, so it's time to start being good stewards of taxpayer money and lay off our redundant officers.


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