Brighton Elections 2012 Results

Take a look at the final results from Election Day in Brighton and Brighton Township.



These will be updated after the polls close at 8 p.m.

Brighton Township Supervisor (9 of 9 Reporting)
Results John Ewing
  2245 Tom Murphy
6373 Brighton Township Board of Trustees (4 Positions)
(9 of 9 Reporting) Results Cathy Doughty
6315 Katheryne Friske 2053 Patrick Michel 5961 Mike Palmer 2060 Mike Slaton 6050 Lucille Weaire 5666 Brighton Area School Board (2 Positions) (22 of 22 Reporting)
Results Nick Fiani
6873 Jonathan Krause 7585 Kenneth R. Stahl 6701 Keith Van Hentenryck 4059 City of Brighton Bond Proposal (4 of 4 Reporting)
Results Yes 1833 No 1958 Brighton Schools Operating Millage Proposal (22 of 22 Reporting) Results Yes 11336 No 9739 Green Oak Road Millage Proposal (9 of 9 Reporting)
Results Yes 4592 No 4186


Livingston County Commissioner (10 of 10 reporting)
Results Kate Lawrence, Republican 7240 Bruce L. Schneider, Democrat 3486


State Representative, 42nd District (46 of 46 reporting)
Results Shanda Willis, Democrat 16453 Bill Rogers, Republican 31429

Check out Livingston County and  statewide election results here.

City of Brighton and Brighton Township voters have plenty to decide on this Presidential election, from whether to pass a $5.6 million bond proposal for community infrastructure improvements to new Township Board and School Board members.

Find out everything you need to know about candidates, as well as local and statewide ballot proposals. Click here to locate your voting precinct.

In the meanwhile, stick with Brighton Patch all day Tuesday as Editor Nicole Krawcke reports live from various polling stations around town. If you hear of anything happening, want to share your voter number or are looking to share that iPhone photo you just snapped, email Nicole at nicole.krawcke@patch.com or text it to her at 517-488-5886.

8:00 PM: The polls have closed. Check back here on Brighton Patch throughout the night for the latest news and results.

4:00 PM: Brighton Township Clerk Ann Bollin said voter turnout remains steady throughout the township.

Bollin said she has about 96 percent of her absentee voter ballots back, and they continue to come in.

"It's going great, we're going to gave a good voter turnout overall," she said.

Bollin said that Brighton Township generally has good voter turnout, and predicts about 70 percent turnout for this year's presidential election.

3:30 PM: Brighton Area Schools' operating millage renewal is one of the many proposals on the ballet today. The length of the ballot, and the fact that the millage renewal is one of the last proposals, is some cause for concern, according to Brighton Superintendent Greg Gray.

"We would love it if the ballot were shorter, but it is what it is," he said. "We hope voters are informed to the point that they'll read the whole ballot language."

The renewal would continue to levy 18 mills on nonhomestead properties, including businesses and second homes.

Gray said if the millage renewal doesn't pass, it would be almost a $10 million hit on the district's general operating budget.

"That would make it a real challenge, obviously," Gray said.

8:45 AM: City of Brighton Precincts 3 and 4, located at the Brighton Education Community Center, were moving along at a steady pace on Tuesday morning.

As of 8:30 a.m., Precinct 3 had 180 voters, while Precinct 4 saw 98.

Brighton resident Jennifer Griffer said she voted for Mitt Romney because it was time for a change and she liked his business strategies.

She said the length of the ballot did not slow her down in the polls because she was informed about all of the statewide proposals beforehand.

"We were talking at home about the proposals and we found it interesting how the lingo seemed so different between the newspapers and the political mail sent to us," she said. "I voted wisely - for what was good for the people."

Anne Richardson said she actually had to redo her ballot because the machine did not take it the first time. So she spent twice as long at the polls.

Richardson said she voted for President Barack Obama.

"A lot of what Romney has said disagrees with what he has said previously," she said.

8:00 AM: Brighton Township Precinct 8, located at Spencer Elementary, had 60 voters as of 8 a.m. Precinct 3, also at Spencer, had 87 voters. Poll workers said turnout has been great, much better than the last presidential election in 2008.

During the last presidential election, the longest wait was about 5 minutes, according to poll workers. At 8:15 a.m. it was 30 to 40 minutes.

Brighton Township resident Vanessa Fuller said she voted for Obama.

"I think he was not given an ample amount of time to deal with the problems he started out with," she said.

Fuller said she voted for Incumbent Tom Murphy for Township Supervisor.

"I like his personality and his outspokenness," she said about Murphy. "The other candidate (John Ewing) - his personality didn't seem to fit the office."

Bill Clark said he voted for Romney because he agreed with his fiscal plan.

"I'm looking at long-term viability," he said.

7:00 AM: Polls are scheduled to open.

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john ewing November 06, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Tom Murphy is "outspoken" ? This guy's been covering up illegal sewer billings and his illegal tax favors to Bruce Dietz for years ! Ms. Fuller has a right to vote based on misguided notions of reality, but if she would actually pay attention to the issues and what is happening at the township hall, we'd all be better off. JE.
Nicole Krawcke November 06, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Thank you for your comment, Mr. Ewing, but everybody has the right to vote as they see fit. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they have misguided notions of reality.
john ewing November 06, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Of course they do. The misguided notion of reality I detected was the idea that Murphy is somehow "outspoken" - I have attended nearly every meeting for two years and I have seen nothing but vague nonsense from Murphy, not any sign of openness, transparency, or an "outspoken" nature. It also seemed strange that she was an Obama supporter, something which Mr. Outspoken would no doubt decry, though privately, not to her face. Sorry, she has a misguided notion of reality. But yes, people can vote based on whatever notion of reality they hold and that is a wonderful thing even if you can't figure out how someone came to their views. JE.
Ryan-Iver Klann November 09, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Congratulations to Nick Fiani and Jay Krause for winning their seats on the Brighton Area School Board!!! The school board is VERY important, and is all to often a thankless position! Congrats again, and a big thank you to the other candidates on the ballot as well; all of you share a passion to make BAS the very best it can be for our children!


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