Candidate Profile: David Curson

Patch has sent out a survey to candidates running for Michigan's 11th Congressional District in the special election. Here are David Curson's responses.

David Curson is running as the sole Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress to represent for the remainder of Thaddeus McCotter's term. Curson will be on the Sept. 5 special primary and will face the Republican winner on the Nov. 6 ballot. Republican candidates are , , Steve King, Kenneth Crider and Carolyn Cavanagh.

Here are Curson's responses to Patch's candidate questionnaire:



Family info:

married to Sharon, 3 adult children, 2 grandchildren

City of residence:

Van Buren Township

How long have you been a resident of that town?

32 years


International Union Representative for the UAW


attended Wastenau Community College, University of Toledo, Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan. No degrees

Community service:

Viet Nam veteran serving in the US Marine Corps, lifelong community activist  

What made you decide to run?

disbelief that Thaddeus McCotter would abandon the citizens of the 11th District, the importance of pending legislation in the lame duck session of the 112th Congress, the consistant and continued obstructionist position of the Republican party that has created unprecidented gridlock in Washington, my ability to achieve win-win agreements 

What issues do you see affecting your district?

jobs, jobs, jobs - the eroded manufacturing base has destroyed our economy

What national issues would you like to influence as a member of U.S. Congress?

Job creation and the elimination of incentives for outsourcing work off shore, eliminating tax loopholes for multinational corporations and the wealthiest Americans providing relief to the middle class, protecting Medicare and Social Security, oversight of Wall Street, insuring veterans receive the benefits and health care they earned and deserve

s cooper November 09, 2012 at 01:40 AM
Congratulations Congressman Curson. Do us proud in your 19 day session. You had to have had the least costly congressional campaign in the country, Consider a bill that would make people like Mr. McCotter reimburse the taxpayers for the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the special primary election he forced! We all hope you can do enough good to make that investment worthwhile. Best wishes, Stephen Cooper


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