Canton Mandir Temple Gets Planning Commission Recommendation

The B.A.P.S. Mandir Temple in Canton hopes to expand and add new architectural elements.

The Canton Township Planning Commission held a public hearing Monday to consider the special land use request and site plan for expansion of the B.A.P.S. Mandir Temple, 3175 South Canton Center Road.

There will be no additional traffic and the congregation will remain at about 100 followers, according to Angela Wolosiewicz of the township's planning services.

"Our main purpose is increase of space," said Mukesh Patel, who represented the B.A.P.S. Mandir Temple.

He said they plan to build more classrooms for the children and add a dining area large enough so the congregation would not have to eat in shifts.

"We also wanted to provide a separate Mandir," Patel said. A Mandir is a Hindu temple.

A part of the Mandir Temple's request is to allow for the construction of taller spires than what regulation allows. Patel said there is religious significance in the location and height of the spires. 

"I think it's perfectly proper for religious institutions to reach up," Township Treasurer Melissa McLaughlin said.

She said the spires and the rest of the architectural design of the building would make it a landmark for the community.

The Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the recommendation of the special land use request and the site plan expansion, including the modifications to the Mandir Temple's spires. 

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