City of Plymouth Unveils New Downtown Parking Fine Schedule

First ticket free under new downtown parking policy.

First-time violators of downtown Plymouth's parking limits will receive a warning instead of an automatic $15 ticket, under the city's new parking fine schedule.

The city unveiled its new schedule this year, which includes gradually increasing fines for repeat offenders.

Here is a look at the new fine schedule, according to information provided by the Plymouth Downtown Development Authority: 

Overtime Parking Graduated Ticket - First ticket is free with each subsequent ticket increasing in value.  It would be based on a 12-month period from the date of issue of the first ticket.

  • First offense - Free
  • Second offense - $25
  • Third offense - $50
  • Fourth offense - $75
  • Fifth and subsequent tickets will also be $75

There also will be discounts for those who pay their fines early and penalties for those who pay after an initial 14-day period:

  • Late Fee - All late fees are $10 after 14 days for all parking citations.
  • Early Pay - Pay within 48 hours of any parking citation issued there will be a reduction of $15 in the fine.

One year from the date violators received their free ticket, their fine schedule will reset and go back to another free ticket, with their second ticket $25, third $50, etc.

Street parking downtown is limited to two hours, while the lower level of the parking deck offers three-hour parking, as does the lot off Penniman Avenue.

An eight-hour parking area is available in the lots behind the Penn Theatre and at the corner of Harvey and Wing, as well as the upper level of the downtown parking deck.

Drivers who park in private lots will not be ticketed by the city, but could be subject to being towed by the owner of the private lot if they are in violation of posted rules.

The city, meanwhile, is attempting to add about 100 all-day parking spaces downtown with the pending acquisition of the First Church of Christ Scientist property on Ann Arbor Trail, west of Harvey Street.

NCS January 08, 2013 at 07:59 PM
Honestly, if we are going to keep trying to be a Mini-Royal Oak with the bars and restaurants they need to bulldoze that shotty old parking garage and build a 5 story garage...


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