Diane Bogenrieder to Township: 'We are a Plymouth Community'

Watch the City Commissioner address Plymouth Township Board of Trustees during Tuesday night's meeting.

City Commissioner Diane Bogenrieder addresses the Township Board Tuesday night. Photo Credit: Nicole Krawcke
City Commissioner Diane Bogenrieder addresses the Township Board Tuesday night. Photo Credit: Nicole Krawcke
City Commissioner Diane Bogenrieder was the first to address the Township Board of Trustees after it voted to not participate in the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex project, but also to refrain from entering into an authority with the City of Plymouth until November 2016.

[Watch her response above.]

The township's response comes after both the City of Plymouth and Plymouth-Canton Schools have made resolutions work with the PARC Committee to rehabilitate Central Middle School for recreational use after it closes in 2015.

Treasurer Ron Edwards said during the meeting that the middle school is in the City of Plymouth and that he wants nothing to do with the city after many disputes over the fire department and money. 

Don Soenen, spokesperson for the PARC Committee, said the Board of Trustees was completely out of touch with the community. 

"I can't believe this kind of activity by a governing body," he said. "This project has been driven, in large measure, by Plymouth Township residents - myself, Bob (Doroshewitz), Deb Madonna - we're all Plymouth Township residents. When we did the Penn Theatre, nine of the 10 people who put up the money to save the Penn Theatre were from Plymouth Township. We never made the distinction that it was in the city."

What do you think of the township's action Tuesday night? Tell us in the comments. 
Nan Cooper January 16, 2014 at 11:24 AM
what I think of the townships action is that we need a new township board of grown-ups and Ron Edwards needs to back off and stop playing king of the hill. He's had a chip on his shoulder for years, why does he continue to be elected?
Lisa Buttigieg LiGreci January 16, 2014 at 07:45 PM
I live in Plymouth Twp. but, when people ask where I live, I tell them I live in Plymouth. I'm willing to bet that the majority of Twp. residents do the same. My mailing address is Plymouth, my library is in Plymouth, I shop in Plymouth, I enjoy all the festivals and activities in Plymouth. My 2 daughters went to Central Middle School in Plymouth. My daughter is in her 5th year as a member of the Plymouth Fife & Drum Corps. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Corps. I attend the Plymouth Fall Festival meetings and plan on running for a board position on the Festival Committee next year. I may live in the Twp. but I consider myself a Plymouth resident. I know we have two separate governments, but I always considered Plymouth AND Plymouth Twp. as ONE community. The PARC project will benefit ALL residents. While I appreciate Ron Edwards stating he was elected to look out for the interests of Plymouth Township, not the city, I think that statement is just a cop out. I feel this whole thing is sour grapes for Ron Edwards over the fact the PARC Project was chosen over his recreation center idea, or how he so transparently stated, "tossed aside". I compare this to the little boy who said "It's my ball and you can't play with it." Nan Cooper got it right in the previous comment when she said we need a board of grown ups. Kudos to Trustees Chuck Curmi and Bob Doroshewitz who voted in favor of participation and did not cave in to what I suspect may be Ron Edward's bullying tactics. And how on earth can a decision to township to refrain from entering into an authority with the City of Plymouth until November 2016 get passed?! Isn't that something that should be put on a ballot for the residents to vote for? I am outraged and extremely disappointed with the Plymouth Twp. board members. Shame on you Ron Edwards! You are NOT looking out for the interests of Plymouth Township residents. You are only serving your own selfish needs! BOOOOO!


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