Election 2012: Gregory Demopoulos, Canton Township Trustee Candidate

Gregory Demopoulos is seeking a second term as Canton Township Trustee.

Gregory Demopoulos, candidate for Canton Township Trustee 

Age: 49

Party affiliation: Republican 

Spouse/kids?: Married 24 years, two children 19 and 21 both at MSU

How long have you been a resident of the township?: 24 years

What is your prior political experience?: Trustee since October 2011-appointed

What is your prior professional experience?: Attorney 24 years

What made you decide to seek office/re-election?: I love and care about the Canton Community

What issues do you see affecting the township?: Fiscal, maintain level of services, roads

What is your plan to address those issues?:

  1. Control legacy costs by elimination of defined benefit plans for new hires, adopt state mandates for medical coverage 80/20 
  2. Keep budget balanced and cut to maintain level of services our citizens are accustomed to
  3. Work with State and Federal authorities to alleviate Ford Road congestion



Attended college : Yes
College : Wayne State University
Degree : B.A. Finance
Year of graduation : 1985

Grad school

Ph D.

University : University of Detroit
Area of research : J.D. Law
Year of graduation : 1988

Employment Information

Job titles held : Owner Gregory Demopoulos PLLC
Employers : Gregory Demopoulos PLLC

Political Information

Party affiliation : Republican
Running for a: Local office
Running for position: Canton Trustee
Chamber/district: Canton
Incumbent: Yes
First elected: Nov. 1, 2011
Previous elective offices : NA
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices: NA

On the web

Website : www.cantontrusteegreg.com

Other facts


  • Canton Trustee appointed October 2011
  • Northville Twp. Prosecutor Canton
  • Planning Commission
  • Canton Merit Commission
  • Canton Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Canton Soccer Club-Coach, Board Member, Tournament Director
  • Central Park II Homeowners Association Board Member
  • Holy Cross-Parish Council
  • 35th District Court Public Defender
  • Recreation and Gold Course advisory committees for Canton
Gregory Demopoulos, Canton Trustee August 07, 2012 at 03:48 AM
FAKE ROBO CALL ALERT: On Tuesday night, August 7, I learned that a childish and cowardice person(s) is utilizing robo calls from a Macon, Georgia phone number claiming that Wayne County Executive, Robert Ficano has endorsed me. I am a Republican and never asked nor do I want Ficano's endorsement. Some people have too much time on their hands. Gregory Demopoulos Canton Trustee
Gregory Demopoulos, Canton Trustee August 07, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I have placed a disclaimer on my website regarding the robo calls: www.cantontrusteegreg.com Greg Demopoulos Canton Trustee


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