Hartland Elections 2012: Denby Re-Elected to 47th District, Gatewood Retains School Board Position

Check out the results for a busy election day in Hartland.


The results are unofficial until confirmed by the county clerk.

Hartland Consolidated Schools Board (2 Positions) 
Results Thom Dumond 7337 John Kevin Kaszyca 7076 Hartland Consolidated Schools Board, Partial Term (1 Position)
Results Bill Gatewood 4757 Christopher Costa 3853


Hartland Township Supervisor
Results William Fountain 4737 Hartland Township Clerk
Results Larry J. Hopkins  4735 Hartland Township Treasurer
Results Kathleen A. Horning 4782 Hartland Township Trustee (4 Positions) Results Joseph W. Colaianne 4132 Matthew J. Germane 4144 Glenn E. Harper 4016 Joseph M. Petrucci 4144


Livingston County Commissioner, 3rd District
Results Dane Morris, Democrat
2407 Dave Domas, Republican
5426 Livingston County Commissioner, 2nd District
Results Jeanette DiFlorio, Democrat
3091 William J. Green, Republican


State Representative, 47th District Results

Cindy Denby, Republican

25540 Shawn Lowe Desai, Democrat 12767 James Weeks II, Libertarian

Tuesday, 8 p.m.

Hartland polls are now closed. Stay tuned to Hartland Patch as we update results as they become available.

Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.

Voting numbers so far in Hartland:

  • Precinct 1: 517 voters
  • Precinct 2: 581 voters
  • Precinct 3: 572 voters
  • Precinct 4: 536 voters
  • Precinct 5: 420 voters

Tuesday, 11:30 a.m.

Parking may be an issue at the Hartland Educational Support Service Center as cars full of residents continue to flow into the lot as voters try to get into the building to vote. 

“Allow plenty of time,” is the advice Hartland voter Kim Griffin gives to any on their way to the polls. 

Griffin, who was waiting in line to vote in precinct 2, said she didn’t mind the wait saying that seeing so many people voting was a good thing.

Behind her in line was Michelle Rosinski waiting with her two young children. 

“I thought I’d miss the work crowd and this would be quiet,” Rosinski said. “They (kids) want us to move to precinct 5.”

Precinct 5 is currently one of the lines that has little to no wait, while a few of the other voting lines are still longer. Some voters say they are moving steadily, however, with approximately a half hour wait. 

Hartland High School senior Morgan Lovay who is volunteering at the polls today to become more “involved” with the process, gives tips to residents who are still waiting to come in including using the father west side entrance across from the tennis courts.

“I feel like more people should come in this (second west side) entrance because they’re all clogged up over there (first entrance),” she said. “No one knows they can come in here.” 

Other tips include remembering to check in at the table before getting into the voting line and to try and beat the 6 p.m. rush, if possible, at the polls.

“We’re going to get a lot today, I know it,” Lovay said.

Tuesday, 8:30 a.m.

Hartland voters came out in force Tuesday morning as many residents tried to get their civic duty done early today.

"I have too busy of a day," said Hartland voter Elaine Gariel who was able to cast her vote before 8 a.m. "If I didn't do it now, I wasn't going to get it done."

Voters were lined up around the building this morning before the polls had even opened, according to Hartland Township clerk Larry Hopkins, and the steady stream of voters lasted throughout the first hours the polls were open.

Hartland residents Aaron and Janee Skomial were voters 519 and 520 this morning in precinct 2 and the couple said they waited for approximately an hour and half this morning to vote. 

With their voting line stretched out the door and down the long hallway, Janee Skomial admitted they were surprised by the heavy morning turn out.

“Normally when we come here we’re in and out in 15 -20 minutes,” Janee Skomial said. “We’ve never waited like this.”

Gabriel, who was voter number 83 in precinct 5, says luckily her line moved quickly and she was done in 15 minutes.

“When we walked in the door we thought, oh jeez, but then we found out we had to come over here,” Gabriel said. “Don’t go to precinct 2."

For some voters, however, the longer than usual wait was a good sign.

"This is a good thing," Hartland voter Jennifer Whitbeck said. "It's how it should be."

Tuesday, 6 a.m.

It's Election Day in Hartland.

Local races include a school board race for one partial-term position. Candidates include current board member Bill Gatewood and challenger Christopher Costa.

State Representative for the 47th District, Cindy Denby, (R) is also seeking re-election. She will be running against Democrat Shawe Lowe Desai and Libertarian James Weeks, II.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

All Hartland Township residents vote at Hartland Education Support Service Center (Former Hartland High School), 9525 Highland Road.

For more information on candidates and proposals on the ballot, check out Hartland's Election Guide.

If you haven't voted yet, click on the PDF to the right to study a sample ballot before you go to the polls.

Connect with Hartland Patch on Facebook and Twitter.

For updates on the 2012 federal and state elections and Livingston County elections, check here for information that will be posted throughout the day.

Vito J Curcuru November 06, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Party designations for Desai and Denby are reversed.
jockjam November 06, 2012 at 03:02 PM
The Township needs to look at how they allocate election workers between precincts. Precinct 2 was over an hour wait while the rest had no line or very short lines.
Tatum Ryan November 06, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Thank you Vito and sorry for that error- story has been fixed.


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