How Did Obama, Romney do in Plymouth and Canton?

A local breakdown of key races, according to municipality.

President Barack Obama received a majority of voters' support Tuesday in Plymouth and Canton en route to winning Michigan and, . 

In the City of Plymouth, Obama's 2,689 votes held the edge over opponent Mitt Romney's 2,506.

In Canton Township, Obama's 25,017 topped Romney's 19,907.

Plymouth Township voters favored Romney, however, with 9,557 for the former Massachusetts governor and 7,364 votes for the president. 

Breakdown of other local results

Canton Township supported its outgoing trustee, Democrat Dr. Syed Taj, in his unsuccessful bid for Michigan's 11th Congressional District. Taj earned 23,255 votes in his hometown, to Republican Kerry Bentivolio's 17,804.

Taj also polled well in the City of Plymouth, with 2,456 to Bentivolio's 2,298.

Plymouth Township went for the eventual winner, though, supporting Bentivolio with a margin of 8,657 to Taj's 6,832.

Wayne County Commissioner-elect Shannon Price, a Republican, won all three municipalities—Plymouth, Plymouth Township and Canton Township—in his 10th District race over Democrat James Amar.

Price earned 9,515 votes to Amar's 5,358 in Plymouth Township. He also held the edge in the City of Plymouth, with 2,495 votes to Amar's 2,000. In Canton, Price received 20,080 votes to Amar's 19,558.

Bruce November 09, 2012 at 12:38 PM
IMO, the only winner in the presidential election is the status quo.


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