Shannon Price Wins Wayne County Commission Seat in 10th District

Price beats out Democrat James Amar for County Commissioner.

Republican Shannon Price defeated Democrat James Amar on Tuesday in the race for Wayne County Commissioner, 10th District, according to unofficial election results.

Price won all three municipalities—Plymouth, Plymouth Township and Canton Township—in his 10th District race over Amar.

Price earned 9,515 votes to Amar's 5,358 in Plymouth Township. He also held the edge in the City of Plymouth, with 2,495 votes to Amar's 2,000. In Canton, Price received 20,080 votes to Amar's 19,558.

Wayne County Commissioner, 10th District
Results Jim Amar, Democrat
26,916 Shannon Price, Republican*
Good Vs Evil November 08, 2012 at 12:30 AM
Shannon Price is an establishment candidate. He is apart of the good old boy club. I am a republican, but could never support the establishment system whether democrat or republican, that has destroyed every level of government. Our trusted system of government has been corrupted by these types of politicians, from the top down. From the feds, to the state, to the counties, cities, townships, and villages. Shannon Price is just a wanna be, who was lucky enough to get the backing of the Republican party. Shannon ran for office after office, vying for an elected position, a government job. The best candidate for this position was Rick Convertino, who was defeated in the primary. Rick, A defense lawyer, and former DOJ prosecutor, had a distinguished career as a federal prosecutor, was exactly what was needed to drive the corruption out of wayne county. Shannon price will just perpetuate the old way of doing things. The election of Shannon Price was a disservice to wayne county residents.


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