Western Wayne Democrats Side with Obama's Policies in Debate

Western Wayne Democrats gather at campaign office in Canton for debate watch party.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney came out swinging Wednesday during the first presidential debate, but it was the message of President Barack Obama that scored points with Western Wayne County Democrats on Tuesday.

Thirty-year-old tax return software employee Tracy Ringstad of Canton said she did not know what to expect before the debate between Obama and Romney, but felt Obama's message resonated the most. 

"Personally, I think Barack Obama did better because he actually addressed the questions," Ringstad said.

In line with her day job, Ringstad, who said she generally sides with Democrats on many issues, said she was most interested in learning about Romney's tax plan, but felt details remained scarce after the debate.

"I don't think he's provided details," she said. 

As for Romney, Ringstad said he performed "better than expected," but felt his message rang hollow. 

Ringstad was among nearly 20 people watching the debate at the Western Wayne County Democrats' campaign office at Lilley and Joy roads in Canton. The group, which included Rep. Dian Slavens (D-Canton), Wayne County Commission candidate Jim Amar, State Representative candidate Tim Roraback (D-Plymouth), partial-term U.S. Congressional candidate David Curson (D-Belleville) and Michigan Democratic Delegate Sommer Foster (D-Canton), watched the MSNBC broadcast on a large-screen projector, cheering on Obama and playing a debate-themed Bingo game created by Mother Jones magazine that scores points when specific phrases or mannerisms take place during the debate.

There was a sense among attendees after the debate that Romney might have out-performed Obama in the debate, but that Obama's responses hit closer to home.

Geri Kilsdonk of Plymouth, a 69-year-old Ford retiree who identifies herself as a pro-business and pro-union Democrat, said she felt Obama "was more expressive," and appeared "exasperated" when responding to Romney's remarks.

She characterized Obama as more relaxed and said she supported his arguments for the Affordable Care Act health care plan, known colloquially as "Obamacare", but felt Romney might have scored points on economic issues.

Herb Helzer October 11, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Kathy, if you're on Facebook do a search for "Northville Democratic Club" -- the NDC has access to every yard sign you could possibly want. Not just for President Obama, but the many other races on the November ballot just as important. If you want to meet the NDC in person, our next general meeting is 7:00 p.m. MONDAY, 15 October 2012, at the Cady Inn (at Mill Race Village off of Griswold just north of downtown Northville).
Herb Helzer October 11, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Susanne -- to expand upon the answer I gave Kathy: Look up "Northville Democratic Club" on Facebook -- anyone there can point you in the right direction. Not just yard signs, but literature, absentee voter guidance, expert opinions on the six ballot proposals, and more. Anyone who still thinks Northville (City and Township) are entirely "Red" should know that the NDC now has 250 paid members, and an outreach to hundreds of others. There are NDC members running for Office: Susan Nichols for Wayne County Commission Michael Nolta for Northville Township Trustee Roland Hwang for Northville Board of Education Sandra Hughes O'Brien for Wayne State Board of Governors Brian Morrow for Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Non-resident NDC members (paid their dues, but live outside Northville) running for office include: Dr. Syed Taj for U.S. Congress (term starting January 2013) David Curson for U.S. Congress (term ending December 2012) Jim Amar for Wayne County Commission Gwen Markham for Oakland County Commission Tim Roraback for Michigan House (20th District) Chuck Tindall for Michigan House (38th District) And again, if you want to meet the NDC in person, come to our next general meeting -- 7:00 p.m., MONDAY, 15 October 2012, at the Cady Inn (Mill Race Village). We're also hosting Debate-watching parties at the Northville Sports Den on 16 October and 22 October.
Herb Helzer October 11, 2012 at 04:28 PM
And do what...? I assure you, my eyes are wide open and I know exactly what I'm doing when I support President Obama, Senator Stebenow, Dr. Syed Taj, David Curson and the rest of the ticket.
Bruce October 11, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Herb- It's spelled Stabenow.
Herb Helzer October 12, 2012 at 11:47 AM
Yes, Bruce, thank you. Sometimes, typing on a phone isn't as effortless as it looks.


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