Patch Readers Want Jimmy John's, Trader Joe's in Canton's Cherry Hill Village

Here's a sampling of suggestions from Patch readers for what should populate Cherry Hill Village in Canton.

Patch asked and you delivered.

Earlier this week, Plymouth-Canton Patch asked which types of businesses would be a good fit for Cherry Hill Village, a decade-old, downtown-like business and residential development in a historic patch of Canton.

The development has struggled to fill its many storefronts, but still has plenty of potential as the number of homes increase in the area.

Readers' offerings were numerous and varied, but a few businesses seemed to draw repeat suggestions. Readers particularly singled out gourmet sandwich shop Jimmy John's, Mexican eatery Chipotle and niche grocer Trader Joe's.

Others, however, preferred to keep chain businesses away from the area, instead focusing on local shops and dining establishments.

"Keep the chain stores and restaurants away!" Patch reader C.E. wrote. "I'd like to see a fine dinning restaurant and sports bar there. We don't need more chains coming in to Canton killing local businesses."

Patch reader Kate S. said she would like a coney island, pizzeria, barbershop, consignment shop, gas station, sports bar, Chipotle, Jimmy John's or a convenience store.

Another reader, Heather, seconded Kate S.'s suggestions for a gas station and sports bar and offered a restaurant with outdoor seating and an indoor children's play place.

Several readers suggested looking at the bustling downtown Plymouth as a starting point for filling Cherry Hill Village.

Reader Kim Barron was direct in making her point: "Carbon copy of Downtown Plymouth!"

Reader Jennifer agreed. 

"Anything similar to how downtown Plymouth is with a variety of choices would be fabulous!" she wrote. "Especially a family sport bar restaurant with outdoor seating would be great."

Reader Jeannette Lutowsky quickly quelled suggestions for a Starbucks or chain coffee shop in the area.

"Village Coffeehouse is already there and they serve excellent coffee and the people who work there are super friendly," she wrote.

One reader, Jim, suggested that improvements be made to the infrastructure around Cherry Hill Village before it can become a destination.

"Community businesses can't survive on the local foot traffic alone," he wrote. "We need easy, affordable parking, a significant mass of businesses to draw in people from outside of the immediate community (5-6 businesses won't be able to make it), there needs to be day-time attractions and businesses to support local eateries, interesting architecture to keep people coming back, layers of entertainment options, easy access to and exit from the community (Denton from Ford to Michigan is almost an ideal thoroughfare)."

Nicole Doyle February 27, 2013 at 04:49 PM
I would like to second Maria's comments and also bring up that Fat Chef also has a growing convenience store for groceries. There is a pharmacy down the street at IHA that offers other convenience items. There are two hair salons "redhead" and "indigo", Indigo also does nails and spa treatments and is top rated. We have a new photo studio that recently opened, and pet groomer that is doing a fantastic job. These are all local businesses. The types of "fast food" eateries that will thrive are more than likely going to be chains, because they have support and can manage through "lean" seasons just as Cold Stone has done. As a resident of CHV I see our neighborhood as more of a downtown Northville and would like see businesses that can thrive and offer complete services. My thoughts on the Village Coffehouse are that it has not invested enough into alternate food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are preferably organic, locally sourced, healthy and fast (overpriced baked goods are not my fav.) and entertainment to drive locals in and keep them for a while.
John McKay February 27, 2013 at 05:55 PM
It seems like CHV is starting to come along again - hopefully it can pick up some momentum and maybe land a few destination places.
Jeffery Maloney February 27, 2013 at 06:34 PM
Little off topic but not much, since Bally's//LA Fitness closed it's doors in Plymouth last summer I would love to see one open in CHV or just somewhere in Canton, would also love to see a Qdoba Mexican grill, Penn Station sub shop and a Fire House sub shop.
Mike February 27, 2013 at 08:23 PM
For you Jimmy Johns lovers, there's one opening soon in the complex at Canton Center and Hanford.
Kathleen March 13, 2013 at 11:57 PM
I don't know what the rents are in CHV now, but right before the recession hit, they were trying to charge the same per square foot as downtown Plymouth, which is absolutely crazy & I think really hurt the development. The developers need to work with canton twp. and the potential businesses to cut some deals and make things happen. It would pay off eventually...


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