Alex Gara
I moved to Plymouth in June of 2009 and was inundated with the culture and energy of the city. Sometimes I swear there is a Golden Retriever and smiling baby quota that Kellogg Park adheres to. I've spent the better portion of my stint here working on a novel and plan to thank the neck deep tranquility of this city when I finally finish it. I've strayed from high school and college roots in journalism over the past several years but like most ambitious and egg headed 20-somethings, am coming home.  
I bartend at the Ironwood Grill in downtown Plymouth by night and read and write at any public establishment that will have me by day. My hobbies include 9 day sushi benders and overanalyzing women. Most importantly, I have an ambiguous belief in the significance of my behavior. I write because that belief tells me I'm worth reading.  I study words and treat each arrangement with the love and respect it deserves. Like spices in sauces, watercolors, algebra, and people, words infuse and marry. As a writer, I desire nothing more than to orchestrate these fickle arrangements of letters and phonetics in a way that offers a solution. Your béarnaise, your Monet, your equation, your love.
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