Courtney Conover
Email: courtneyconover@yahoo.com Hometown: Born in Ann Arbor, MI; raised in Westland, MI Birthday: April 1, April Fool's Day (No joke.)
I've always had an affinity for the written and spoken word, but I guess you could say I took the "scenic route" to my dream job: freelance writing and doing on-camera commercial and industrial film work. I've dabbled in a myriad of careers, including on-air television reporting for a CBS affiliate in South Carolina, auto show narrating for Honda and Jaguar, and, yes, even municipal politics (strange but true). I've found that everyday life provides the perfect material for my writings, and I particularly enjoy chronicling my experiences, however fascinating or mundane. Case in point: two true stories have wound up being published in three Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and I recently completed my first novel which was also inspired by real life; I've since embarked on the somewhat vexing task of seeking literary representation, and, thanks to my regular yoga practice, I've managed to keep from going insane. I am also a Vinyasa yoga instructor, and I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga with anyone who will listen. In addition to writing and studying yoga, my likes include, but are not limited to, reading good chick-lit, watching cheesy reality television of the Bravo TV variety, and spending time with my husband, Scott. (Oh, and eating waffles prepared by him; my advice to women everywhere: Marry a chef!) Visit me online at www.courtneyconover.com, where I have a blog and ponder all things relating to work, play, and yoga. 
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